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Our company has a highly-skilled engineering construction team, which  has participated in various municipal engineering design and construction of sun-shading system. They are: Guangdong Educational Department, Guangzhou Broadcast and TV University, South China University of Technology, The Affiliated Middle School of South China Normal University, Guangdong Financial University, The Office Building of The Pearl River Telecommunications Mansion, The Information Center of  Tianhe Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce, Xiqiao Three Proofings Command Center, Guangzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangzhou Tumor Hospital, Radio&Television Group, Baogong Building, Huangpu Power Plant in Guangdong Yuedian Group,  110 Command Center in Public Security Bureau Heyuan City, Guangzhou Garden Hotel, China Hotel, Panyu Coral Bay Villas, The Pearl River Garden Villas, Yuanda Beautiful New City Chamber in Zhuhai and so on.


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