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1.     Project leader: be responsible for controlling the schedule of the whole plan and coordinate all departments during the work.
2.     Engineering Department.: prepare the material in the pre-production, install on the spot, and send the prefessional personnel to supervise. What is more, it controls and assures the quality in accord with our companyí»s quality system strictly.
3.     Designing Department: select  the main materials of the projects and systems, refine the engineering installation plan, ensure the effeciency and feasibility of the design.
4.     Purchasing Department: be responsible for all engineering materialsí» purchasing, supply them timely, and assure to finish the project before deadline.
5.     Sales Department: carry out business negotiations, keep good communication between our company and customers, and meet every customerí»s requirements.
Project Department: as a team of carrying out the engineering management, is the important guarantee of project implementation successfully. The basic conditions to realize the aim of engineering management are as follows:
1.build an outstanding organized project team,
2.distribute management and technology resources reasonably,
3.clear responsibility and rightsí» relations of every post and process, assure the technical support , the stablity of contact methods, whatí»s more, ensure their normal operation during the project implementation.
With clearing the internal division of labor and cooperative relations, the project department performs the systematic responsibility system in technology, and the engineering process system in program from the horizontal sort. Under the leaderí»s promotion, it also ensures to adjust to the changing objective conditions, coordinate various relations, eliminate all sorts of barrier, in order to carry out the engineering as plan , finish it on time and as required quality.

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